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Tracing Footsteps Of Giants In Africa -
Obscure Past Of Mzoura Stones

15 February, 2015

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Follow us: - Mysterious, holy stones of Mzoura have a very long and obscured past.

"For in these stones is a mystery, and a healing virtue against many ailments. Giants of old did carry them from the furthest ends of Africa and did set them up in Ireland what time they did inhabit therein..." (Geoffrey of Monmouth's History of Britain)

Why did the giants set up the stone circle? What was their intention?

The so called "Cromlech de Mzoura" or "circle of Larache" is one of the most famous and largest megalithic landmark of the north-west of Morocco, North Africa.

"Mzoura" (in Arabic means "The Holy Place") can be found about 15 km south of the harbor of Asilah not far from Tangier. The elliptical-shaped tumulus at Mzora has 55 meters (177 feet) in diameter and is surrounded by 167 stone monoliths, of which the tallest, is about 5m (3.2 feet) high.

The locals say that it has approximately 7 meter long stone "root" below the surface. The megaliths were hammered and polished by hand.

Their arrangement forms a perfect elliptic structure.

What was the name of this holy place long before the Arabs came?

The ancient site was excavated in 1939 and an ancient tomb was found in the center of the circle. Sources say that humanoid and human remains dating back to more than million years were found in several locations in Morocco.

Among these sites are Asilah and Mzoura.

The holy place of Mzoura is associated with a number of myths, very ancient legends and uncovered mysteries which no one has ever tried to solve because the majority of these stories are in fact, related to giants, a subject which is still neglected by modern historians.

One of the legends says that this megalithic monument is the tomb of Antaeus (Antaios), a mighty giant and wrestler Antaeus (Antaios), a son of Poseidon and Ge (Gaea). His magical strength originated from his mother earth and as long he remained in contact with her, the giant's power was incapable of being defeated.

The area of modern Morocco has been inhabited since at least 8000 BC. The giants were also at Mzoura and other regions of Morocco. Others say that inside the stone structure is a tomb of a Mauretanian King. Who was he?

At Agadir in Morocco, the French captain Lafanechère made an astounding discovery in form of a complete arsenal of hunting weapons including five hundred double-edged axes weighing seventeen and half pounds!

Why were these tools so heavy?

Who was so strong to need the tools of this size? The answer could be only one: the giants.

The artifacts found at Agadir are twenty times as heavy as those needed for modern man. To handle this kind of double-edged axes, one would need to have extraordinary hands of a size appropriate to a gigantic person approximately 13 feet (4 m) long or even more!

Charles DeLoach wrote in his Giants' Guide that

"A tribe of giants survived in the Sudan, but apparently little has been written about them..."

And John Gunther described these giants as a Nilotic people who "have spread their virile blood far afield..."

Also Marco Polo (1254-1324) a Venetian trader and explorer, wrote in his travel diary, about people of gigantic size in Zanzibar situated off the coast of Tanganyika (today: Tanzania):

"...strong limbed and as hefty as giants...they are so strong that they carry as many as four ordinary men.. and they eat enough for five..."

Located in the circle of Larache, the mound of M'zora is one of the most famous monuments of the north west of Morocco. Two distinct elements are the: a mound and a circle of 167 monoliths. The highest of these monoliths, located to the west and called "El - Outed" reached 5 m. M'zora is a unique monument that has no relationship to other megalithic tombs of all the Maghreb and the Sahara. The gigantic M'zora remember much megalithic monuments of southern Iberian Peninsula. The date of construction of this monument is debatable and could be situated around 1600 BC.
According to legend, this monument is the tomb of the giant Antaeus.

The most striking alignment of Mzoura stone circle is the main axis to the largest mountain on the horizon, and the east-west alignment of the ellipse marks the path to the setting equinoxes of spring and autumn.

Could the builders of Mzoura stone circle be the same who built Stonehenge? Megaliths of Mzoura and Stonehenge are not unique in any away; they are found in every continent.

However, curious fact is that the stones of which they are made, were often brought from a very long way off.

Probably as Geoffrey of Monmouth said: "...Giants of old did carry them from the furthest ends of Africa and did set them up in Ireland..."

Slabs of African stone were used to erect megalithic monuments in Ireland, in southern Russia and in a distant Siberia.

Was it the only way for prehistoric giants, to erect stone structures by dragging them from their quarries? In some very distant and isolated places, large stone structures are found but there are no mountains for many miles around.

The holy stone circle at Mzoura was built on the ground once inhabited by the Berbers, depicted on the rock art across the Sahara. The Berber people believed the mysterious megaliths were erected by the pagan giants, and magicians.

The Berbers were originally a Caucasian people, light-skinned with fair hair, blue eyes and high cheekbones.

Their origins are even today a true mystery and so is the stone circle at Mzoura.

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